IT Administration

Double Edge Technologies offers professional service to support home or office network. Setting up or maintaining wired or wireless connections, Email or File servers, security and authentication, virtual machines, and everything you need for a cost effective and productive network and work environment.

We can help you plan your network and Technology tree to allow you to know your IT budget now and in the future to prepare for upgrades, limit loss of data with multi-level backup plans, and to get your technology to do the most for you and your company.
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Service Contracts
A DET Service Contract provides you with a set number of support hours per month at a reduced cost. It also places you above all other non contracted clients and gives you priority status, guaranteed response times, and off hours access to technicians and staff. You will also be kept up to date with your system/network status, and notified of any potential problems that could result in future downtime.
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Monitoring Service
Standing either on its own or as a part of a Service Contract, DET will monitor your servers and or workstations remotely, with the ability to keep an eye on performance, or spot and fix potential problems before they arise. Backups and automated checks on your antivirus status, only allowing updates for software that have been proven to be free of bugs, and immediate notification of any system that crashes or goes down. This can save you time and money, as preventative measures are almost always more cost effective than damage control.