Computer Repair

What Does Our Cleanup Consist Of?

  • Remove Malware (Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, Etc.)
  • Delete Temporary Files (Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Etc.)
  • Remove Unused Boot-up Programs and Services (Programs that startup with Windows and run in the system tray or background)
  • Remove Unneeded Browser Helper Objects (Toolbars, Add-ons, Extensions, Search Providers)
  • Uninstall Potentially Unwanted Programs (Programs Downloaded in Conjunction with Another Program the User Wanted)
  • Fix Registry Errors and Defrag Registry
  • Install or Update Anti-Spyware Software and Cleaners (Spybot, MalwareBytes, CCleaner, Etc.)
  • Install a Free Anti-Virus (If Anti-Virus Software is Missing or Expired)
  • Install Windows Updates and Service Packs
  • Update Common Software (Adobe Flash, Java, Acrobat Reader, Etc.)
  • Check Disk Repair (If Needed. Checks the Integrity of the Hard Drive and Repairs Errors)
  • System File Checker (If Needed. Restore Corruptions in Windows System Files)
  • Defrag and Optimize Hard Drive
  • Blow Out Built-up Dust Inside Computer

Virus? Spyware or Malware Infections?
If you have an internet connection, your system is almost guaranteed to get infected by some sort of malicious software. Regardless of what security protection you use the ever increasing score of spyware programs makes it impossible to keep it all out. Sometimes the only symptom of an infection may be very slow performance. DET can clean your system, remove and repair problems caused by malware or viruses, close security holes, and will also provide you with a set of free, powerful tools that you can use in the future to remove a lot of basic spyware problems on your own. Let DET provide you with the cure!

Hardware Issues?
Did your laptop stop charging because of a broken plug? Recent thunderstorm take out your power supply? Did your system start crashing, or won’t come on at all and you have no idea what the problem is? Regardless of your issue, DET can repair or replace the hardware in your desktop, laptop, or netbook. As with all services DET provides, don’t worry, if we find that the cost of repair is too much money to put into your system we will let you know what we would do if it were our system. Let DET solve your hardware problems.

If your computer is a bit dated but you still want to get more life out of it, bring it to DET and we’ll let you know your upgrade options, what is worth the money and what is not, and we can professionally install it. Just about anything your computer needs to give it that extra boost of speed and power, or to give you more space for storage, we can provide.